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Arc. Tonye Oliver Braide, PNIA, FNIAWelcome to the website of The Nigerian Institute of Architects.

It is my hope that it will provide a strong platform for the attainment of our educational goals as well as offer efficient secretarial services to our members and the general public which will invigorate participation and reduce friction often caused by mis- information.

I therefore enjoin you to visit it, use it, contribute to it and enjoy it.

Arc. Tonye Oliver Braide, PNIA, FNIA

The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) was founded on the 1st of April 1960 as an association of independent professional architects with the aims and objectives of fostering friendships amongst members cater for their welfare and establish mutual support and cooperation amongst them.

The idea for the formation of an independent professional architect's organisation in Nigeria was first conceived and motivated by three Nigerian architects while still pursuing their training in England in the early fifties read on

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