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What is CPDP?

The intention of the Continuing Professional Development Programme is to make the Nigerian Architect more proficient in the transformation of the Built Environment.
The Council has approved the Structural Plan at the 6th Council Meeting of The Nigerian Institute of Architects, held at Abuja in October, 2008.

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Approved CPD Programmes

Brief talk about the approved programmes with a link to download the list. DOWNLOAD HERE

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CPD Programme Update

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Membership & Registration

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What is the NIA-CPD Programme?


The Architect is very important in shaping the life of people and by extension, a Nation. The Architect has a responsibility to design and develop suitable accommodation to complement all facets of our daily life. These include the houses we live in, the schools our children attend, the bus stations, offices, and all other infrastructural components to provide good life to the people in communities.

In consideration of these roles, The Nigerian Institute of Architects recognises and acknowledged the need for capacity building for the Architect as well as a purposeful contribution to a nation whose infrastructure have not been developed.

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